What do you need to know about macro photography?

To learn how to take macro photos https://www.artlook.us/service/elopement-videography/, you need to have the equipment for this, which we will talk about later, and also know some of the nuances that are most important for this type of photography. Here are three important points:

Exposure. Auto mode, so popular with beginners, experts do not recommend using it either in this or in many other cases. What is the main thing for us when photographing in a large form? – Aperture that allows you to adjust the depth of space. Therefore, it is best to set the aperture priority in the camera or try manual settings. Macro most often requires a smaller aperture, for example, 7.1-11, so that there is a maximum amount of detail in the field of sharpness. But sometimes the best way to open it is for a beautiful background blur around the main character.
Focusing. The object occupies a significant area of ​​the image, every small part of it is visible, which means that the focus will have to be calculated much more carefully. Focusing accuracy can be achieved in more than one shot.
Additional light. By getting close to the subject, you reduce the total amount of light entering the lens, which can make certain areas of the photo appear too dark. The built-in flash is unlikely to fit, although the craftsmen are trying to improve it with paper and plastic overlays. An external flash, ideal for macro use, is called a “ring flash” and can easily be purchased from a store or ordered online.