An event such as a wedding should not only remain in the memory of its direct participants and guests present, but also be captured in photographs. After all, then you can review these pictures yourself and show them with pleasure to your relatives, and in the future to children and grandchildren.

But in order for the photographs themselves to turn out to be of high quality, and for all the people captured on them to look beautiful, natural and at ease, it is necessary to foresee and prepare something in advance. What exactly?

For starters, choose a good photographer who has experience specifically in shooting weddings. For the sake of economy, it is not worth entrusting your photo to a close friend or an inexperienced beginner in the world of photography. After all, the photographer must catch the right light, find a convenient angle, be able to process the pictures and seize the right moment to create these pictures. All this, of course, can be done by photographers working in other genres of photography. But a wedding photographer will be able, like no one else, to take both a portrait shot of the newlyweds at a high level, and a reportage shot, where the most intimate moments taking place at the wedding will be captured.

After you have found a photographer with a large quality portfolio and good reviews from other newlyweds who used his services, conduct a pre-wedding photo shoot. This is important so that both you and your significant other can relax and not tense up at the sight of the camera lens and the click of the shutter. In addition, an experienced photographer will be able to give advice on a good angle and pose, and you will be able to understand whether you are comfortable with this person and see the real result of his work with you personally.

Thirdly, show the photographer the shooting location, tell who and where will sit. Why is this needed? Then, so that the photographer can assess the conditions in which he will have to work, think about how and where to install the camera and spotlights, take a general picture of all those present at the table, dancing couples in the hall and you against the backdrop of wedding scenery at the wedding. So, knowing exactly what, where and when will happen, the photographer will be able to capture all the important moments for you in the best light.

Fourth, introduce the photographer you have chosen to most of the guests. A true professional needs that his actions and his very presence do not strain others, because the best and most natural pictures of people laughing or discussing something are obtained when they do not notice the photographer at all and behave as usual. And the presence of a complete stranger, and even with a camera on a tripod, may alert some. Yes, and the photographer will not be out of place to know that the aunt should be photographed less often, because she is shy, but the groom’s mother loves to be in the frame.

Fifth, in order for the pictures to capture exactly a specific moment from the wedding (exchange of rings, the couple’s procession to the altar, a kiss), you should not do all the movements too quickly. Slow down the pace so that the photographer has time to set the camera for the picture, and you fully experience all the solemnity and at the same time the intimacy of this moment. After all, marriage is a union of two people, and the rest simply watch how this union is sealed.

And sixth – be sure to arrange for the pictures to be printed or order a photo book. Being saved on a flash drive, memory card or disk, they will also warm your heart when viewing them on a laptop screen, but it’s still nice to have a material version to keep as a keepsake and distribute to guests. In addition, a flash drive or disk is easy to damage or lose when moving, and an album with wedding photos will definitely be stored in suitable conditions and be inherited.