How can photographs be used to increase the effectiveness of advertising text? Everyone knows that any images in the text attract attention, especially photographs. How much? So much so that in terms of the effect produced, the power of photographs in the advertising text is not inferior to the power of the headline.

Of course, in order to achieve maximum results, you need to use not only photographs in the text. Schemes, tables, graphs, various drawings are also able to influence the minds of potential buyers. Be sure to use these items. But don’t forget: just one good photo can accomplish the impossible and tip the scales in your favor.


Photo “was / became.” Photographs of this kind are especially popular with plastic surgeons and cosmetologists, as well as manufacturers of washing powders and other detergents. With the help of the “before / after” photo, you will kill three birds with one stone:
• demonstrate the effect obtained (there was a terribly dirty floor – it became perfectly clean);
• show that professionals can help in the most difficult cases (even the most stubborn stains are washed);
• hook the buyer emotionally (after all, everyone wants to clean the carpet quickly, without making much effort).

Photo of the object of sale. It is best to show the object of sale from all angles. This approach is used with pleasure by online stores. The goal is to provide the buyer with as much visual information as possible. For example, a photo of a mobile phone is given “in front”, “in profile” and “from the rear”. And in a separate picture there is also a photo of the headphones that come with the mobile phone.

Photo of the object of sale in use. The main purpose of this kind of photography is to remove possible objections of a potential buyer by proving the quality of the object of sale. First, a list of objections is compiled, then photographs are selected under this list. For example, there is an objection: “in a refrigerator of such and such a brand, it is unlikely that a pot of soup will fit on a shelf along with food.” Refuting photo: an open refrigerator filled with food to the maximum. Moreover, in addition to a soup pot of impressive size, there was also a pot of porridge.

Photo with subject for comparison. Perfect for giving the buyer an idea of ​​the actual size of the item being sold. However, it is not necessary to use such photographs solely to compare the size of the item being sold with another item. You can focus on the attractiveness of the object of sale. The goal is to present the object of sale in the most favorable light. For example, a bright photograph of large, beautiful and ripe apples without the slightest flaw among nondescript small apples. And the signature: “Our apples – and all the rest.”

Photograph of a satisfied buyer (or buyers) with a purchased item in their hands. The happier the customer looks, the better. Photos like this build confidence.

Photo of pleasantly surprised customers who received gifts in addition to the main purchase. Whether a discount card with a 5% discount on subsequent purchases or a rather expensive laptop bag will act as a gift in the hands of the buyer is up to you. In any case, such a photo will be of interest.

Now you know the main aspects of a successful photo. You can safely go to your site and analyze how great the selling potential of its pages is.