Exposure compensation in aperture priority mode

What is exposure compensation https://www.artlook.us/service/wedding-cinematography-nyc/?

This is an adjustment to the exposure of the frame, selected by the camera.

exposure compensation button on nikon
Exposure compensation is hidden on the camera under the “+/-” button or is located in the camera menu. If you cannot find it, then refer to the camera manual.

You can correct the exposure of the frame by shifting it towards brightening or darkening using exposure compensation.

It is used when the frame originally taken turned out to be too dark or light due to an error in the camera’s automation. Exposure compensation makes a correction, forcibly brightening or darkening the frame relative to the original, and retake the picture.

Shifting the exposure compensation to the plus side leads to brightening the exposure of the frame, to the minus side to darkening.


Exposure compensation shift affects the shutter speed selected by the camera when shooting in aperture priority mode.

When the exposure compensation is shifted to plus, the shutter speed is lengthened (1/250 -> 1/100). When shifted to minus, the shutter speed is shortened (1/100 -> 1/250).

Many photographers prefer to adjust the exposure when processing their shots.

Don’t follow their example.

It is much easier and faster to correct the exposure of the frame during shooting than about processing.