“What could be simpler: hugged and photographed. And what difference does it make that in the pictures later someone will have too long arms or treacherously come out spare chins.

Many people may hold this opinion. But for some it is very important that the joint photos are beautiful, one might even say perfect.


1. In the photo with “hugs” it is important to position your hands correctly. It is not necessary to completely clasp the partner with them and thereby close it. Hugs should be light and casual.

2. Girls should not throw their hands on the shoulders of a man. This visually enlarges the forearms and shoulders. To make the picture more elegant, it is better to keep your hands at chest or waist level.

3. Taking a partner’s arm, do not lean heavily on him. This will “fill up” the frame. It looks impressive when a girl stands a little behind and to the side of her companion.

4. If you want to put your head on your partner’s shoulder, please note that in this position you may have unwanted wrinkles on your face. With this pose, you should be careful, but it’s better to just barely touch, press your chin to your shoulder.

5. The most popular pose in paired shots is half-turned. But many people make a big mistake when they turn straight to the camera sideways. The body should be slightly turned “face”, and the shoulders should be straightened.

6. When posing while sitting, you do not need to lean on your partner from behind. It is enough to lean slightly towards him and put your hands on your shoulders, without clasping them into a ring.

7. When taking shots in a half-hug, try not to touch each other’s heads.

8. In addition to the moment of the kiss, try to capture the “second before”. First, it looks very aesthetically pleasing. And secondly, it creates the perfect romantic atmosphere of the frame.

9. When hugging a partner, it is important not to overdo it. Otherwise, the photographs will turn out to be strange, shapeless figures of people stuck together.

10. To get the most advantageous in the pictures, you need to adhere to one golden rule – always keep your posture.

* Bonus item. The quality of photographs depends mainly on the skill of the photographer. Therefore, the choice of the artist should be taken seriously. Be sure to check out the portfolio to see if its style suits you.